Facial Skincare

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Spa Space Chicago Woman Getting Facial

Because your skin is as unique as you are, we offer a wide variety of facials and corrective facial skincare treatments. Your licensed and highly-trained esthetician will examine your skin, consult with you, and customize your treatment to meet your skincare needs and goals.

Superfruit Fitness Facial (anti-aging, soothing, botanically-based)
Our trademark facial for healthy, glowing skin. This high-performance, results-oriented treatment combines a gentle glycolic solution with active botanical ingredients and an uplifting facial massage. This facial is meticulously customized to your skin’s needs: whether it’s major hydration, clearing unflattering breakouts, or repairing sun damage and fine lines. See and feel an immediate difference in texture, clarity and smoothness.
60 minutes; $115
Add-on biocellulose mask (+$25)

Men’s Deep Clean Facial (all skin types)
Using products designed to remove dead skin cells and thoroughly clean the pores, this facial leaves the skin renewed and balanced. Ingrown hairs and breakout-prone areas are addressed.
60 minutes; $95
Add brow wax/trim (+$20)
Add Aromatherapy (+$10)
Add-on peel (+50) – see description below

Instant-Lift Brightening Facial (hyper-pigmentation, dull, aging skin)
Producing the most noticeable instant results, this advanced anti-aging treatment uses enzyme-proteins that increase the elasticity of the skin, with application of layered tightening masks. The highly restorative components of Epicuren’s active enzyme vitamin protein complex were originally developed for burn treatment, and then modified and perfected for treatment of healthy human skin. Improves elasticity, color tone, balance and overall skin health. Featured in InStyle Magazine.
75 minutes; $155
Series of six; $840

Vitamin C Booster Facial (all skin types, sensitive skin, special event booster)
Using clinical-grade Skinceuticals products, this vitamin-rich treatment will give your skin a boost and a three-step infusion of revitalizing nutrients: vitamin C serum, hydrating b5 gel, and a balancing hydrator. This uplifting treatment is ideal for special occasion appearances. Read about it in Shape Magazine.
60 minutes; $105
Add brow & lip wax (+$30)
Add-on peel (+$50) – see description below

Rejuvenating Facial (dry skin, mature skin, sensitive skin, rosacea, cooling)
Removal of dead skin cells is the first order of business in this skin-reviving treatment. Complete exfoliation and a pore-stimulating mask prepare the skin to receive the hydrating powers of the Biocellulose Restorative Mask. Ideal for a sensitive, mature, or dry skin type.
60 minutes; $120
Add brow & lip wax (+$30)
Add Aromatherapy (+$10)
Add-on peel (+$50) – see description below

Signature Facial (all skin types, targets breakouts, deep cleansing, relaxation)
This classic European-style facial combines skin-type-specific cleansing, toning, exfoliation, extractions (deep-pore cleansing), treatment mask and hydration.
60 minutes; $95
Add Aromatherapy (+$10)
Add brow & lip wax (+30)
Add-on peel (+$50) – see description below

Facial Express (all skin types, deep cleaning, teen-appropriate)
We’ll pack in the bare essentials of a deep-cleansing facial, including exfoliation, extractions and hydration. Great for maintenance of healthy skin.
30 minutes; $65
Add-on peel (+$50) – see description below

Back Facial
This hard to reach and oft-neglected area will be given a true “facial”: a deep-cleansing, exfoliation, extractions if needed, and a mask to balance the skin. Your esthetician will customize the treatment to best suit your skin type.
45 min. $105
Add a peel (+$50) – see description below



Spa Space performs a variety of mechanical and chemical facial peels that create enough superficial “damage” to the skin that a repair-response is triggered, stimulating collagen production and bringing newer, healthier cells to the surface. Peels not only help reduce all the signs of aging, including sun damage, dullness, and fine lines; they allow corrective skincare products to penetrate the surface layers of the skin, increasing their effectiveness.  There is no “downtime” with any of our peels.

Add-on Peel
Intended for clients who are interested in a deeper exfoliation. Benefits include deeper penetration and effectiveness of products, taking anti-aging and complexion renewal to the next level.
Add to a facial; +$50
Peel without a facial; $65. Includes nourishing mask. Allow 20 minutes.

Brightening Hot Peel (tightening mask)
Bring life back to dull, tired skin with serious exfoliation and cellular stimulation. Your skin will look brighter, tighter and more luminous.
Add to any facial; +$25

Pigment Balancing Peel
Combines the exfoliating properties of glycolic acid with the lightening and brightening benefits of Vitamin C to lighten hyperpigmentation, and diminish the appearance of fine lines and dullness.
Add to any facial; +$50

Microdermabrasion (all skin types, anti-aging, anti-acne (non-cystic))
The peak of dermatologic innovation – this machine uses crystal particles to blast-off dead skin cells and stimulate cell turnover. Results in smoother, younger-looking skin. Great for treating acne, fine lines, excessively dry skin, sun damage, stretch marks and surface age spots.
$99 for face (price varies for other areas)
$130 with extractions
$155 with full facial
Series of six; $535 (face only)


Ultimate Eye Treat
The healing and restorative powers of collagen are infused into the delicate eye area for improved elasticity, smoothing and plumping fine lines.

Brow Tinting
Add extra definition to your brows with natural-looking color.

Lash Tinting
Darken your lashes without using mascara!

Brow & Lash Tinting
$45 (save $20)

Facial Bronzing Application
The ideal time to bronze is immediately following exfoliation and hydration. Your esthetician will expertly apply a layer of non-pore-clogging tanning product to give your restored skin a healthy, sun-kissed glow.