Apple Spice Pedicure with Sôl Exquisite Gemstone Oil

Why not kick off November with a pampering pedicure that will get you festive for fall, complete with an apple spice sea salt soak, shea butter exfoliation, and luxurious moisture mask? Your feet will be enveloped in a creamy and fragrant natural clay mask enriched with Sôl Exquisite Gemstone Oil to restore the skin’s water lipid layer and hydrate for softer, silkier, smoother skin. The antioxidant properties in apples prevent cell and tissue damage—and this festive fruit contains abundant amounts of elastin and collagen that help keep the skin young. Your pedicure will finish with an apple body butter and oil massage and a color palette of bold autumn hues for your toes. Bring a bottle of wine and a group of friends—we have a private pedicure suite. Slip your restless soles into a sweet and spicy calming getaway this November.