14 years feels like a minute and forever

14 years feels like a minute and forever

Today is the 14-year anniversary of the day Spa Space first opened its doors for a “soft” opening, meaning friends and family were invited to be guinea pigs before allowing “real” clients to experience our brand-new brand. It was an exciting time, and scary, much like when you bring your first newborn home from the hospital. You’ve been mentally and physically gearing up for months (or years, as the case may be) and then all of a sudden you are fully responsible for the survival of something you care about more than anything you’ve ever cared about before. It’s daunting, because you really really don’t want to screw it up.

Inevitably, mistakes are made. Each one feels like a punch in the gut because you are so deeply invested in seeing your creation thrive. Like the bizarre time warp of parenthood, the hard days feel never-ending, and then one day you look back and years have passed.  For me, starting and operating my own business has been a roller coaster ride – thrilling and scary, and sometimes nausea-inducing. But mostly its been an adventure where I have had the good fortune to meet incredible people, especially those special souls who jumped on board the Spa Space train to take the ride with me – some from day one.

I know that we all look back with a certain level of amazement that we are still here, that we managed to survive the hardest times, that we have been able to laugh through most of it, and that every day we still continue to learn something new. Even some things we never wanted to know – but that’s another post. 🙂

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    steve ferguson March 10, 2016 at 11:16 am .

    Natalie is awesome!

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