Space Man: Men‘s Spa Services

While all of our services are available to men, the following are a selection that hold particular male appeal.

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Deep Clean Facial For Men (all skin types)

Using products designed to remove dead skin cells and thoroughly clean the pores, this facial leaves the skin renewed and balanced. Ingrown hairs and breakout-prone areas are addressed.
1 hour; $95
Add brow wax/trim; $20

Clinical Glycolic Facial (for breakout-prone or sun-damaged skin)

Glycolic Acid (AHA) is scientifically acknowledged to be among the most advanced technologies for retexturizing sun-damaged, acneic, and aging skin. After cleansing and toning, application of the appropriate glycolic product will result in removal of dead cells, stimulation of new cell production, and the emergence of healthier, more youthful-looking skin. Afterwards, refrain from applying anything to your face for at least 3 hours, and use a glycolic gel between treatments. Read about it in the press
40 min; $80 – series price is $450

Microdermabrasion (all skin types)

The peak of dermatologic innovation – this machine uses crystal particles to blastoff dead skin cells and stimulate cell turnover. Results in smoother, younger-looking skin. Great for treating acne, fine lines, sun damage, and surface age spots.

$130 for face (price varies for other areas)
$155 with extractions
$175 with full facial
$700 for series of six face treatments (microderm only)

Back Facial

This hard to reach and oft-neglected area will be given a deep-cleansing, exfoliation, extractions if needed, and a mask to balance the skin. Helps treat and prevent breakouts, leaving skin incredibly smooth.
1 hour; $115

Space Ritual (bestseller!)

Our new signature massage blends the best of Spa Space’s offerings, incorporating elements of Deep Tissue, Swedish, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Heated Stone Therapy, and Indian Head Massage. This full-body, choreographed session provides therapeutic muscular relief while incorporating extra touches to deepen your relaxation. It’s the perfect selection for a gift or if you’re having trouble deciding which massage to try.
75 minutes; $150

“Head to Toe” Massage (bestseller!)

Includes 30-minutes of Indian Head Massage (scalp, neck and shoulders), 30-minutes of Swedish Massage (back and legs) and 30-minutes of Reflexology (feet and hands).
90 minutes; $160

Swedish Massage

Historically the gold standard of stress reduction and relaxation therapy, this massage involves muscle kneading and long, fluid connecting strokes. The firm yet gentle touch smoothes out the stresses of everyday living.
1 hour; $95
1½ hours; $135
2 hour;s $180
Series of five (1 hour each); $450
Series of ten (1 hour each); $855 – best value! Save $95

Muscle Therapy/Deep Tissue Massage

Concentration on specific areas of chronic discomfort will help disperse deep congestion and to decompress and lengthen painful muscle groups.
½ hour; $55
1 hour; $95
1½ hours; $135
2 hours; $180
Series of five (1 hour each); $450
Series of ten (1 hour each); $855 – best value! Save $95

Indian Head Massage (Chicago Tribune pick!)

An ancient Eastern treatment that concentrates on your head, face, neck and shoulders. Helps relieve stress, anxiety and mental tension, cleansing and rebalancing the whole body. Great for problem sleepers.
½ hour; $55
1 hour; $95
1½ hours; $135

Heaven and Earth Stone Therapy Massage (knock-you-out relaxing!

Heated river stones, strategically placed, deeply warm the body while the muscles are systematically massaged, melted and released. This treatment inspires unimaginable relaxation and reconnection to the body.
1 hour; $110
1½ hours; $155
2 hours; $195
Amazing upgrade* Butter/Stone Massage: add aromatherapy body butter to your Stone Massage for a deep dose of hydration. Add $10

Reflexology – (all about the feet!)

A 4,000 year-old therapy founded on the concept that the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet contain reflex points that connect to all organs of the body. Specific pressure techniques detect imbalances and dissipate energetic blocks to alleviate stress and promote the body’s ability to heal itself.
½ hour; $55
1 hour; $95

Sports Massage

Designed for active people, sports massage decongests and lengthens the muscles, tendons, and other connective tissues by combining relatively high-impact massage techniques and assisted stretches to relieve acute muscle soreness, improve flexibility and increase range of motion.
1 hour; $95
1½ hours; $135
2 hours; $180

Runner’s Massage (Pre-event, Post-event or Ongoing Training)

Our therapists can enhance your training regimen and assist you in reaching your time and distance goals by strengthening muscles, relieving tension, reducing pain and preventing injury. Specifically designed to address the common aches and pains suffered by runners, and to improve performance, this massage will address shin splints and target tightness in the calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes, lower back and hips. The session will conclude with customized stretching techniques and application of a soothing athletic gel.
1 hour; $95
1½ hours; $135
2 hours; $180

Golfer’s Massage

Targeting the major muscle groups used in a golf swing, this treatment includes trigger-point therapy, deep tissue massage and assisted stretching designed to improve endurance and flexibility. Soreness & pain resulting from repetitious motions is reduced, interfering knots and deep spasms are smoothed out. Read about it in the press.
1 hour; $95
1½ hours; $135

Detoxifying Seaweed Treatment

Nature’s most complete source of nutrition, seaweed can stimulate a sluggish metabolism while assisting in the shedding of toxins. After a full-body scrub, seaweed infused with nourishing green tea and ginger is applied, and the body is wrapped to intensify the detoxification process. The 90-minute version ends with a 30-minute Swedish massage.
1 hour; $105.
1 ½ hours; $155

Citrus Herbal Extra-Fine Body Scrub

This surgical-grade “extra-fine” scrub gently sloughs off the dead skin on your body, leaving your skin ripe to receive hydration. Ideal for deep cleaning of baby-sensitive skin types, this treatment is extra-gentle and completely non-irritating.
30 minutes; $60

Wax Treatments

Back $45
Shoulders $25
Neck $15
Chest $45 and up
Eyebrows $20
Male Brazilian $75

Sports Pedicure

They take so much abuse – your feet need maintenance. A whirlpool foot soak is followed by a heavy-duty salt scrub and a peppermint hydrating treatment. Dead skin will be removed (necessary callouses preserved) and nails will be trimmed, filed and cleaned up.
1 hour; $55

Man Hands Manicure

Your hands say a lot about you… what are yours saying? Give us 30 minutes to soften the skin with a peppermint clay mask, treat the cuticles and create a clean, natural shape for your nails.
30 minutes; $25

Deep Space For Men

Heaven and Earth Stone Therapy Massage, Citrus Herbal Scrub, Gentleman’s Facial, and Man Hands Manicure. This complete package for men is deeply relaxing and guaranteed to take you away from the outside world. The 90-minute hot stone therapy massage will warm and relax your muscles, the scrub will refresh and hydrate your skin, the deep cleansing facial will address facial skin imbalances, and the manicure will leave your hands immaculate.
3 ½ hours; $315

Space Mission

Muscular Therapy Massage, Reflexology, and Indian Head Massage. The mission of this complete package is clear – to take you on an unforgettable journey of decompression. From head to toe – including scalp, neck, shoulders, back, legs, and feet – your therapists will ensure that no muscle is neglected. You may never wish to return from this journey!
2 ½ hours; $235

“Serenity Now” Treatment Package

Includes 50-minute Massage (choice of Swedish, Deep Tissue or Sports), customized to relax the muscles and meet your personal preferences for pressure and areas of concentration, plus an upgraded Seasonal Manicure and Signature Pedicure (with paraffin) designed to treat and hydrate your hands and feet.
2 hours, 45 min.; $160

Space Stressbuster Express (most popular!)

A spa day with all the essentials, including a one-hour Swedish Massage, customized deep-clean Signature Facial for Men, Signature Peppermint Pedicure, and Men’s Manicure.
3 ½ hours; $250

Space Stressbuster Supreme

Decadence and therapy coincide. Enjoy a 90-minute Swedish Massage to remove tension and stimulate blood flow, a nourishing, cleansing Vitamin C Booster facial (great for all skin types), a Signature Peppermint Pedicure, and an Aromatherapy Manicure.
4 hours, 15 minutes; $299

Lost in Space

Take a few hours to escape the outer world and explore your inner space while we transform your body, skin and spirit. Enjoy the combined modalities of our signature Space Ritual massage, which incorporates plenty of extra touches to ensure a deep state of relaxation, reap the deep-cleaning benefits of the Deep Clean Facial for Men, and finish with a hydrating, restorative Seasonal Manicure.
3 hours; $260

Space, No Time

Express Facial, Half-hour Swedish Massage, Seasonal Manicure, and Mini-Pedicure. Get the bare essentials done — even on a busy schedule. And yes, we consider massage an essential!
2 hours; $165

Stoner’s Delight

Mellowing, grounding, and purely therapeutic, this combination of treatments will leave you feeling groovy. Heated river stones, strategically placed, deeply warm the body while the muscles are systematically massaged, melted and released. This 90-minute treatment inspires unimaginable relaxation and reconnection to the body. Next, a customized facial integrates hot and cold stones to relax the facial muscles, stimulate circulation, and reduce puffiness and inflammation. Finally, enjoy a Happy Feet pedicure – ideal for tired, overworked and aching feet. Includes stimulating hot stone massage therapy and major exfoliation/hydration. A true spa treatment for the feet!
3 ½ hours; $342

East Meets West

Inspired by Eastern sensibilities where wellness of body and soul intertwine, this package combines therapy for the muscles, skin and spirit. A one-hour Indian Head Massage relieves tension in the upper back, shoulders, neck, head and scalp. Reflexology focuses on the soles of the feet (30-minutes), and a full-body Heaven & Earth Stone therapy massage (1 hour) uses heated river stones and fluid massage strokes to relax the entire body. A customized deep-clean Aromatherapy facial integrates hot and cold stones to relax the facial muscles, stimulate circulation, and reduce puffiness and inflammation. Finally, our Lemongrass Pedicure and manicure with lemongrass softens and nourishes the hands and feet.
5 hours, 15 mintues; $430

In addition to the packages listed above, Spa Space offers several other packages suitable for men. Please view our complete menu of Treatment Packages.

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