Chicago Spa Membership

Chicago Spa Membership

We hope that you look on our spa in downtown Chicago as a warm and friendly space, a place where you can go and feel welcomed and accepted. We are always happy when we see you come through the door and we hope that you feel even happier after spending time with us. That’s because we really want everyone who visits our Chicago day spa to feel like they belong. 

We all know how good it feels to belong, right? But did you know that feeling like you belong is also important to your wellbeing?  

A sense of belonging is a human need, just like the need for food and shelter,” says Karyn Hall Ph.D. in “Create a Sense of Belonging” which appeared on the Psychology Today website. “Feeling that you belong is most important in seeing value in life and in coping with intensely painful emotions. Some find belonging in a church, some with friends, some with family, and some on Twitter or other social media. Some see themselves as connected only to one or two people.”

The Benefits of Belonging

As Hall explains in her article, feeling like you belong to some group or community can improve your:


Well, guess what? You can get that sense of belonging – and all the benefits that go with it (as well as some great deals!) – right here at Chicago’s Spa Space with our Green Membership Program!

Green Membership entitles you to receive 10% off all of the services at our downtown Chicago spa – facials, massage, you name it! – as well as products and even gift certificates!* 

It’s easy to enroll in the Green Membership program at Spa Space, voted the best day spa in Chicago, so don’t wait to start enjoying the benefits of belonging!

*Restrictions & Terms: Discounted membership rate on products and services is valid only with cash or credit card payments, not gift certificates or other methods of payment. Membership rate cannot be combined with other offers; the greater of the available discounts will be applied. Membership discount is for single-person usage only; discounts cannot be shared or transferred. Membership is non-refundable and automatically expires in one year.