Best Wishes from Everyone at Spa Space of Chicago

Best Wishes from Everyone at Spa Space of Chicago

It would be one thing if you had to cancel your appointment for a delicious facial at Chicago’s Spa Space because you had won the lottery and needed to go and collect your million-dollar check. But having to miss out on your facial – or on a massage from Chicago’s best spa therapists – because of a pandemic? That’s a low blow. 

If you are missing the friendly faces at our day spa in Chicago, know that we are missing you, too! And we hope that you are staying safe and well during these difficult days. 

We can’t do much about the pandemic, but we would like to help you maintain a healthy perspective while you are staying at home and practicing social distancing with these suggestions:

  • Guided Meditations from Privai

If the stress of the situation is getting to you, take a few minutes to enjoy a complimentary guided meditation with the founders of Chicago’s Spa Space. 


  • Wellness Tips & More Meditations

Follow us on social media, where the talented Chicago spa specialists that you miss are providing wellness tips and virtual meditations. 


  • Be Kind to Yourself – and Your Skin

It’s easier to keep moving forward when you take care of yourself, so indulge yourself a little. Order some of the spa products you enjoy at Spa Space – breathe in the inspired fragrances and enjoy the results. (These are difficult days for your skin, too. Seriously, how many times have you washed your hands today? What is the stress doing to your complexion?) 

    • Visit for a curated selection of botanically based skin and body care products to use at home. Use code “SPASPACE30” to support Spa Space and receive 30% off your order.
    • Vist Skinceuticals for advanced skincare backed by science. Use this special link to support Spa Space and receive a code for a free sample and free shipping.


  • Donate to Spa TheraTips

Show the spa employees who always take good care of you that you care by donating a tip to the Spa TheraTips fund. Your donation will go directly to Chicago spa therapists and support staff who are out of work due to the pandemic.


If there is anything else we can do to help you, please contact us:

Spa Space Chicago

161 N. Canal St.
Chicago, IL 60606
(312) 466-9585