What is the Pedicure Rx?

What is the Pedicure Rx?

The Pedicure Rx is a 75-minute pedicure treatment performed by a Podologist, designed to address more advanced concerns with the feet and nails.

What is a Podologist?
A podologist has earned a bachelors of science in Podology (foot care science), a widely known trade in Europe and Canada, with a concentration of studies in diabetic and geriatric foot care. While different than a podiatrist (a physician), a podologist is trained to recognize many different skin and nail disorders and to recommend products and treatments that will aid in each client’s problem.

Why choose the Pedicure Rx?
· If you have seriously dry skin that may include deep fissures or cracks on the heels or soles
· If you have ingrown toenails, high curvature of nails, thickening of toenails, excessive tough and calloused heels, peeling skin on the feet, hard and soft corns.
· If you would like a pedicure but you are diabetic and are concerned about contraindications
· If you are an athlete, to maintain a healthy foot with the correct amount of callus reduction

Why use an electric file?
· The electric file utilizes special bits that do many different tasks in the pedicure.
· The rotary bits are highly versatile, safe and comfortable. They efficiently, effectively and safely reduce tough calluses in large areas of the foot, yet also can exfoliate very tight areas near the nail grooves and tips of toes.
· It does not harm healthy skin.

For questions on the Pedicure Rx, please email info@spaspace.com.

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