Shop (and Spa!) Local

Shop (and Spa!) Local

You probably already know that Chicago’s Spa Space is one of a kind. We have been lauded as the best day spa in Chicago many times and we like to think that is because of our personalized customer service as well as our innovative spa treatments.

We can respond to our customers’ unique needs and introduce new types of spa massage for Chicago’s most discerning spa goers because we are a small, local business.

Small businesses like ours are what gives Chicago’s distinctive neighborhoods their flavor and flair. And, as you have no doubt heard, the pandemic has been hard on them. So, if you have shopping to do – whether you want to do it in person or online – consider starting with some of our homegrown shops and local services.

3 Reasons to Shop Local

1. More responsive customer service. Spa Space isn’t the only local business that makes it a real point to offer outstanding customer service. Small businesses like ours are part of the community. The people we serve could be our neighbors, our kids’ teacher or a local influencer – and we want them to come back. Plus small businesses like ours usually have more flexibility to meet customers’ needs

2. More of the money you spend stays in the community. According to The Local Good, for every $100 spent at a locally owned small business, $68 stays right there in that community, contributing to the local economy. When you shop at a national chain store, they say, only $43 stays in the community.

3. Small businesses create jobs. “Small local businesses are the largest employers nationally,” The Local Good says.

Of course, this year there is another reason to shop local that might be even more compelling. Many small businesses won’t survive the economic challenges associated with the pandemic. By shopping at locally owned shops in Chicago you can invest in your community and help them make it.

And while you are shopping, don’t forget that gift certificates from Spa Space, an innovative day spa in the heart of Chicago, make great gifts.

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