Spa Gift Cards

Spa Gift Cards

It is time for the holidays and there is no better time than now to treat somebody you care about to a spa gift certificate. Many people have questions about what kind and how much to buy.

Spa Space sees thousands of guests each month and know the experiences that make people the happiest. When buying a spa gift card, you are gifting joy. After being through 18 holiday seasons, we know what people in Chicago love when it comes to spa.

Some people ask about spa finder, gift cards, and where to buy gift cards. Spa finder is a company that offers gift cards that are able to be redeemed at many locations of spas throughout the country. You can buy Spa finder gift cards at most gift card isles, at Costco, and online. For somebody that you know but maybe don’t know too well, the spa finder gift card is a wonderful solution that is safe, not personalized and sure to make somebody smile. If you want to have a spa and wellness gift card gift that feels custom curated for the person you are gifting, do a little bit more research and find out where that person loves to go to relax. If you don’t know, find a spa that has amenities and purchase there. Most spas are able to sell gift cards online, but if you have questions ask. Call the front desk. There are often specials and deals this time of year that spas only promote in store.

What amount of money is the right amount for a gift card? A manicure and/or pedicure in a spa setting will set you back at least $50. A massage for an hour will be anywhere from $80-100 at a luxury spa with some access to amenities. Most people feel truly pampered when they can receive a massage gift card that will give them a ninety minute massage or longer. A ninety minute massage is very relaxing. Usually, it takes people thirty minutes to even allow themselves to relax. When you book a longer massage, this makes the overall experience so much better. For a day at the spa, plan to gift at least $250. This will allow them to receive a basic facial and massage plus lunch, or even nail services and a longer massage. The perfect gift this season is to give an experience, not just a gift. Do that with a spa gift card to your local day spa that will pamper and spoil the one you care about.

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