Spa Services Featuring Epicuren Skincare

Spa Services Featuring Epicuren Skincare

Nothing but the best will do for our clients (maybe that’s why we were voted the number one day spa in Chicago – again!). We think our team of highly skilled spa pros deliver the best massage in Chicago and the most effective facials, too. And we certainly wouldn’t dream of putting anything but the highest quality products on your hardworking skin. 

In addition to Privai’s exceptional botanically inspired line of skincare products, we also feature Epicuren Discovery® in some of our exclusive spa treatments. 

Epicuren prides itself on being a result-driven, anti-aging natural beauty brand that cares as much about the wellness and self-care of its customers and employees as it does about the environment. And that way of doing things fits in very nicely with our philosophy at Spa Space of Chicago

Epicuren Discovery Services at Chicago’s Spa Space

  • Epicuren’s Pacific Paradise
    If you want silky-smooth skin AND softened, relaxed muscles this Spa Space signature treatment is for you! It features a 30-minute body scrub followed by a 60-minute massage, both of which feature Epicuren’s highly effective products and highly evocative scents. Pineapple enzymes that penetrate the skin and kukui-coconut lotion that nourishes and moisturizes it will stimulate your senses as well as your skin. 
  • Epicuren’s Instant-Lift Brightening Facial has the power to take on hyper-pigmentation as well as dull, aging skin. the enzyme proteins in Epicuren’s Enzyme Concentrate Vitamin Protein Complex will improve the elasticity of your skin and deliver instantly noticeable anti-aging results. Epicuren’s signature components were originally developed in a burn treatment center and have now been adapted – beautifully – to highly effective skin care products that promote healthy cell growth. And let’s not forget the B vitamins Epicuren puts to good use to improve elasticity, tone, balance and overall skin health.
  • Epicuren Papaya Pineapple Bamboo Scrub
    Shed your worries and your dry winter skin with a ridiculously creamy scrub that will tickle your senses with a taste of the tropics. Your skin will be rejuvenated thanks to Epicuren’s bioflavonoid-rich grape seeds and sustainable bamboo.


For more information about the featured Epicuren facial, scrub and massage at Chicago’s Spa Space, please call us at 312-466-9585. If you’re ready to get started, you can book it online.