A Massage for Your Pandemic Pal

A Massage for Your Pandemic Pal

Your regular appointment for a massage at Spa Space of Chicago may be on hold, but that doesn’t mean that every member of your family has to go without the benefits of a therapeutic spa massage.

Are you among the many who have adopted a dog in the weeks and months since Covid-19 turned our lives upside down? If so, we are so happy for you and your new family member! And we thought you might be interested to know that your dog may enjoy the benefits of nice a massage just as much as you do.

Dog Massage Therapy

“Massage does wonders for dogs,” Becky Brandenburg, B.A. ED., ESMT, CMT, an Ohio-based certified animal massage therapist and owner of Brandenburg Massage Therapy, told PetMD. “Full-body massage keeps the muscles moving and conditioned—touch can truly be healing.”

If your dog does not need professional massage for a medical condition, there are simple techniques you can use yourself that will help you form an even deeper bond with your pup. And chances are your dog isn’t the only one who will enjoy it.

“Not only is massaging your pet of benefit to them, but it is also of benefit to you,” Dr. Rachel Barrack, a New York City-based veterinarian and founder of Animal Acupuncture, told PetMD. “Studies have shown that petting a dog or cat can lower heart rate and blood pressure. Touching your pet will also cause your body to release oxytocin, a hormone that causes sensations of bonding and love.”

To get started, check out 4 Simple Dog Massage Therapy Techniques from PetMD.

Granted, you may not be as good as the massage therapist at Spa Space (how do you think we earn the top ranking among Chicago day spas year after year?), but we are sure your dog will think you are the very best.

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