Treat Yourself to a Spa Day at Home

Treat Yourself to a Spa Day at Home

We have heard from so many of you, telling us how much you miss visiting our day spa in Chicago. We miss you, too! And we are looking forward to the day when we can invite you back safely for a spa massage or facial in our downtown Chicago day spa.

But just because we can’t welcome you through our doors at the moment, it doesn’t mean we aren’t thinking about you or that we have stopped caring about you and your wellbeing.

That’s why we encourage you to treat yourself to a spa day without leaving your Chicago area home

How to Have a Spa Day at Home

Enjoying a spa day shouldn’t be a complicated production. That would totally defeat the purpose. Your spa day can be as simple as lighting a few deliciously scented candles and relaxing in a bath generously sprinkled with Epsom salts to ease tense muscles. For an added element, treat yourself to a face mask. (And maybe a glass – or two – of wine!)

Your sense of smell is a powerful tool. Put it to good use. You can skip the scented candles and evoke the essence of our Chicago spa with Spa Space Essentials. Not only will the essence of sage and lemongrass take you back to those spa visits you have enjoyed in the past, our signature scent was developed using botanically based products to revitalize your spirit, provide deep cleansing and nourish your skin.

The Spa Space Essentials line of products includes:

  • Shower Gel
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner, and
  • Body Lotion

We also recommend the luxurious, naturally inspired skincare products from Privai, a woman-owned company based in Asheville, NC.

Whether you use the products you know and love from Spa Space of Chicago or simply pick up some indulgent skincare offerings from your local drugstore, we hope you enjoy your Chicago spa day at home!

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